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Celine At The Wiltern

Los Angeles, CA

A creatively unique fashion show for Celine, followed by a three-headliner concert at a historic venue in the heart of Los Angeles.


The prestigious fashion brand Celine, contracted us to capture a 20 minute one-shot, one-take fashion show followed by an incredible headlining concert experience.



We staged cameras not only for a large, fast-moving runway, but also for three top-tier bands, which meant that any and all capture points needed to be at our disposal.



Eleven cameras were used for the show, allowing not only a wide selection of live coverage options, but also creating the perfect environment to capture his 20 minute show in a fast paced live environment.



Success! From the elegant display of each runway model, to the unpredictable antics of punk icon Iggy Pop, the entire night was effortlessly captured in stunning 4k resolution through a synchronized orchestration of cinema.


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