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Redrock works directly with our client to create, develop, shop, and secure their original concepts and creations in the film and television space. We have worked with existing clients to establish them as a mature voice and personality in the television and film world both on screen as well as a producer. We have worked to create production companies with our clients, facilitate discussions, deals, and special appearances. Redrock has taken our clients to companies and networks such as Disney+, Discovery+, ABC, HBO Max, Hallmark Channel, Food Network, Netflix, Crown Media, NBC, and more. Our clients have successfully landed 11+ season agreements in spaces such asfeatures, scripted, reality television, talk shows, and more!

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We work with our clients to establish industry connections with agents, casting directors, producers, and directors and curate a clear career path and vision. We build a team around our clients to run development of TV/film projects, build teams for PR and marketing, secure agents and legal support, and more.

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From 11+ season runs, to leading roles in features, to talk show hosts, to trusted on-screen personalities, we work with our clients to guide their acting, producing, and directing careers to the fullest. Through their work, our clients have achieved Oscar and Academy awards, Emmy nominations, and more. We help expand their reach from on screen to the roles of producing, directing, writing, film/tv creation and concept, and the animated series space, we believe that anything can be achieved with the right team.

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