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Tapapakanga Regional Park, New Zealand

A fully immersive, multi-sensory musical event that focused on fostering the authentic connection between Childish Gambino and his fans through cutting-edge virtual reality, a live dome concert, and a three-day overnight camping festival with performances from Childish Gambino and fellow artists.


Childish Gambino, otherwise known as Donald Glover, contracted us to host another three-day interactive PHAROS event for his international fan base.

Image Collage 2 – Concept – PHAROS


We constructed a 360-degree air-compressed dome with a laser projection-mapped concert that was all encompassing from both the interior and exterior.

Image Collage 3 – Design – PHAROS


Donald’s team charged us with the task of scouting a distinctive location in which his fans could have a bespoke musical experience that was hypnotic as it was memorable. 

Image Collage 4 – Plan – PHAROS


We found it! Situated on an ocean cliff on the North Island of New Zealand, Tapapakanga Park was 9,000 fans’ dream come true.

Image Collage 5 – Execute – PHAROS

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