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Product Line


After establishing a relationship with our client and solidifying their brand, we look to expand past their initial career as an actor or actress and transform them to a household name brand. We have worked with clients to produce their own beauty lines, home goods lines, fashion lines, food product lines, and more. We assist with the endeavor for licensing, partnerships, and joint ventures for our Client’s diverse aspects.

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In the planning phase, we begin with the overall picture and goals and work our way there by drafting product concepts, developing branding and logos, building a marketing team, working with suppliers and manufacturers, product testing, and consumer analysis reports.

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Once our client’s product line is ready for market, we assist in executing product development and commercialization. We have partnered with our clients to create an entire ecosystem generated off of their brand products. Some exciting outcomes from our client’s lines have included expansion into major retailers such as Target, selling out immediately on QVC network, outside celebrity endorsements, brand partnerships, and more.

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